Elementary French Monday – Summary #2


We started our second lesson with a review of the vocabulary from the previous week – en français ! Then, we had a quick check at “ce qui représente la France pour vous” and explained anything you were not sure about, before discussing the three things that in your opinion represented France the best. Then, we used the questions you had prepared to talk a bit more… and some of mine too! And we quickly revised the forms of the “passé composé” (past tense) – see attached document.

1) Explain (in French!!) the vocabulary below.
2) If you prepared some questions for last week, we will use them next Monday.
3) Tell us about your weekend in 5 sentences.


un réalisateur, une réalisatrice
un roman /// une nouvelle
étranger, étrangère
un jour férié

savoir /// connaître (explain in English how these 2 verbs are used)

To go further: bank holidays in France.
See http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/F%C3%AAtes_et_jours_f%C3%A9ri%C3%A9s_en_France