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It’s exam time and you’re in a panic! No need to be 🙂

Lise Morel taught language and literature at the University of Edinburgh and the University of  Aberdeen. She’s used to the standards required and will give you the support and advice you need in such stressful times. She has successfully coached students in the following areas:

»Essay writing skills, in French or in English.

»»» Find ideas.
»»» Quote effectively & avoid plagiarism.
»»» Organise your thoughts clearly & concisely.

»Translation & prose.

»»» Use a dictionary more effectively.
»»» What makes a good translation.
»»» The internet as information tool.


»»» Feel less intimidated by literary texts.
»»» Discover literary theory.
»»» Genres and literary trends.

»History & Civilisation.

»»» Learn French history as taught in France.
»»» Key dates and historical figures.
»»» Get a grip on Current Affairs.

»Oral presentation for finals.

»»» Identify the important issues .
»»» Say what you mean, clearly & logically.
»»» Your presentation objectively assessed.

Students benefit from reduced rates on presentation of their NUS card for individual tuition

Whatever your own circumstances may be, our individual tuition is tailor-made for you, using carefully designed material, or on occasion manuals if we feel you may respond better to a more traditional method of learning. All training material used in class is included in the fees, so there will be no nasty surprises – and the materials are yours to keep: no one will ask you to give them back at the end of the course!

After your free 30 minutes consultation, Lise will advise you as to what solution will be most suited to your individual needs, and she will devise a training plan which will be emailed or sent to you before the first lesson is arranged, so you get a chance to have your say about what you will learn!

Lise Morel has 19 years of experience in language training, and knows all the tricks of the trade – you will quickly speak (and listen!), through a range of interactive techniques.

Contact Lise now to arrange your meeting!

A choice of tea, coffee or herbal tea is available free of charge during the lesson.

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