Refresher French – Summary #1

For this first lesson, we started a few revisions: how to ask questions, negatives, basic verbs… Then you practised “interrogating” one another using the questionnaires I had given. We didn’t have time to have a look at the song I had selected, but you can watch the video clip here.

Regarding questions — We had a look at the 3 different ways used to ask a question – either using an inversion (most formal), using ‘est-ce que’ (easier to coin from English), or using the intonation (by far the most common/natural way of asking a question in spoken French)

Here are the most common interrogative words:
Quand when
Comment how
Pourquoi why
Combien how much/many
Que or qu’est-ce que or quoi what
Qui who

We also quickly looked at son/sa/ses (his/her) – Please check out this table:

Masculine singular Feminine singular Masc & Fem Plural


Mon père Ma mère Mes parents
YOUR Ton père Ta mère Tes parents
HIS / HER Son père Sa mère Ses parents
OUR Notre père Notre mère Nos parents
YOUR Votre père Votre mère Vos parents
THEIR Leur père Leur mère

Leurs parents

Devoirs / Homework
– Game (see page 2): first column. Read out each question, translate it into English, answer it and rephrase it using the “tu”.
– Check out the verbs in page 3
– Look up the vocabulary (in English)

un film d’amour
un film d’action
un film historique
un concepteur de sites web
un(e) kinésithérapeute / kiné
avoir un copain / une copine
un bureau