Thursday 6pm: Summary #2

Cours du jeudi 18h: Résumé #2

Last Thursday, we started out by checking last week’s new vocabulary. Then we read together the little text about January and we discussed Hogmanay in Scotland and also the tradition of the Burn’s suppers 🙂 Then we did the speedy questions in the past tense. It was ok, but quite tricky having to respond quickly to various questions, using either “avoir” or “être” verbs. Then we had a look at the future tense: how it is formed, and we also briefly discussed how it is used: mostly when you are talking about long term plans, or else something like a new year resolution. (You can check out the website if you lose the document with the future!)


1) Write up 5 sentences using the future: either new resolutions or things you are planning to do in 2010.
2) We have not spoken about shops etc – so please think about that topic some more, as we will definitely do this next week!
3) Check the vocabulary below and explain in English ( can be really useful as an online dictionary!)


je joue au tennis
je joue de la flûte
je joue du piano
les voeux
un voisin, une voisine
une galette
une fève
la panse de brebis farcie
les abats
les épices
le charbon

JE Рmon p̬re; ma m̬re; mes parents
TU Рton p̬re; ta m̬re; tes parents
VOUS Рvotre p̬re; votre m̬re; vos parents

DEVOIR: je dois, tu dois, il doit, elle doit, on doit, nous devons, vous devez, ils doivent, elles doivent
POUVOIR: je peux, tu peux, il peut, elle peut, on peut, nous pouvons, vous pouvez, ils peuvent, elles peuvent

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