Thursday 6pm – Syllabus

What are we up to in our post-beginner French class this term?

Week 1

Grammar: РPast tense (pass̩ compos̩) reminder
Discussion: – Christmas presents – received/given + What were Christmas and Hogmanay like for you?
Listening: – Song
Brainstorming: – Shopping
Homework: – Online shopping VS High street shopping: questions and answers for discussion next week

Week 2

Speedy questions: what did you …? (yesterday, last week-end, on Monday…)
Discussion: – Online shopping VS High street shopping
Grammar: – Future simple (resolutions)
Discussion: – Good resolutions – Do you have any? If not: do you have any plans for 2010?
Listening: – Song – Comme d’habitude
Brainstorming: – Clothes
Homework: – Present / Describe 2 photos of celebrities: 1 “best dressed”, 1 “worst dressed”

Week 3

Speedy questions: what will you do…? (for Easter, in July, in 3 weeks…)
Discussion: – Present / Describe 2 photos of celebrities: 1 “best dressed”, 1 “worst dressed”
Grammar: – Imperfect
Discussion: – Alibis: “What were you doing when…?”
Listening: – Song
Brainstorming: – Means of transportation
Homework: – 1 minute talk: What transports do you use? When? Why?

Week 4

Speedy questions: what did you use to do…? (when you were a child, 10 years ago…)/Describe a picture
Discussion: – Transports
Grammar: РImperfect and pass̩ compos̩: telling a story
Game: – Finish the sentence
Listening: – Short story
Brainstorming: – Directions
Homework: – Explain how to go to your workplace from Brandon Terrace (either walking, by bus, or by car)

Week 5

Speedy questions: Describe some photos (in the past tense)
Discussion: – Directions
Grammar: – The conditional – the future in the past
Game: – What would you do if….?
Listening: – Song
Brainstorming: – Problems during the holidays
Homework: – Answer the questions (what would you do … ?/ various holidays problems)

Week 5

Speedy questions: Ifs and buts
Discussion: – Holiday problems + have you had problems in the past? What?
Grammar: – Reporting what someone said (in the past tense)
Game: – I heard that…
Listening: – Sentences to repeat
Brainstorming: – Objects: shapes and forms
Homework: – Describe 1 object so we can guess what they are + Choose 3 quotes to tell in the past (email me beforehand)

Week 6

Speedy questions: Quick describe + Quick reporting
Discussion: – Object guessing + quotes
Grammar: – Comparisons
Game: – What is bigger/faster/better than…? Q&A
Listening: – Song
Brainstorming: – In the house
Homework: – Describe a house

Week 7

Speedy questions: Comparisons Q&A
Discussion: – House description + describe your house
Grammar: – Revision Past tenses
Game: – Ask and answer questions
Listening: – Song
Brainstorming: – At the table
Homework: – Ask 5 interesting questions to your fellow students about their past

Week 8

Speedy questions: Quick scenarios
Discussion: – Questions and answers in the past
Grammar: – Revision Future
Game: – Pick a question + At the table revision
Listening: – Song
Brainstorming: – Leisure
Homework: – Write up a questionnaire to discover what another student likes to do

Week 9

Speedy questions: Quick Q&A
Discussion: – Leisure questionnaires
Grammar: – Revision Conditionnel
Game: – Say it politely!
Listening: – Song
Brainstorming: – Culture (Books, cinema, television, theatre, museums…)
Homework: – 1 min talk about cultural things you like to do

Week 10

Speedy questions: Quick quotes
Discussion: – Cultural activities
Game: – Trivial pursuit junior

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