Refresher French : Summary 9

In spite of the snow, we managed to have a class and even got it broadcast over the internet. You may still watch it again: I am emailing the password etc separately! —> French Classes TV
We started by practising times. Then, we used the questions you had prepared to initiate some conversation. After that we discussed the Imperfect, using the document I had emailed you (please read through the text again and make sure you know what it means – we’ll look over it next week again)

Devoirs / Homework
– Read the times below and make sure you know them
– Re-read the text I gave you (“Telling a story”)
– Using the “formation” of the imperfect sheet I gave you, please do the usual “system” with the questions in the first column on the game “quand vous étiez plus jeune” (read the question out, translate into English, answer it and then change the question into the “tu” form)

Refresher French : Summary 5

As usual, we started by the previous week’s vocabulary. Then we practised the past tense (“passé composé”) – initially correcting your homework, and then continuing with the board-game. We didn’t have time to do the song this week, but I will email you the words and a link where to listen to it 😀 Read More…

Elementary French class : Summary 5

For our fifth lesson, we reviewed last week’s vocabulary in French. Then we corrected the grammar exercise about the past tense and you told us about various anecdotes that happened to you.

1) Explain (in French!!) the vocabulary below.
2) 5 sentences to sum up a good film you have seen recently
3) 2 questions in the past tense (passé composé or imparfait) for the other students
4) Use the game to practise the passé composé and the imparfait (see attached PDF)

un camion
une camionnette
tomber malade
la brocante
les antiquités
faire le ménage

une pièce:
une pièce de monnaie
une pièce de théâtre
un appartement de trois pièces

une partie:
une partie de la population
je fais partie d’un groupe

une part:
une part de gâteau

Refresher French : Summary 4

We started our fourth French class by going over the previous week’s vocabulary. Then we practised the reflexive verbs using the homework – a bit time-consuming but I think useful as everyone had a go at doing reflexive verbs. After that, we started on the past tense (“passé composé”) and we had a go at “Déjeuner du Matin” by Jacques Prévert. You can listen to it again here:

Devoirs / Homework
– Explain in English the words below.
– Revise the past tense (see the sheet I gave you/on page 2)
– Prepare questions and answers from the game sheet (first column and first line)

se souvenir
se brosser les dents
se rappeler
prendre l’avion
à pied
tous les jours


je viens
tu viens
il/elle/on vient
nous venons
vous venez
ils/elles viennent

je tiens
tu tiens
il/elle/on tient
nous tenons
vous tenez
ils/elles tiennent