Refresher French : Summary 5

As usual, we started by the previous week’s vocabulary. Then we practised the past tense (“passé composé”) – initially correcting your homework, and then continuing with the board-game. We didn’t have time to do the song this week, but I will email you the words and a link where to listen to it 😀 Read More…

Refresher French : Summary 4

We started our fourth French class by going over the previous week’s vocabulary. Then we practised the reflexive verbs using the homework – a bit time-consuming but I think useful as everyone had a go at doing reflexive verbs. After that, we started on the past tense (“passé composé”) and we had a go at “Déjeuner du Matin” by Jacques Prévert. You can listen to it again here:

Devoirs / Homework
– Explain in English the words below.
– Revise the past tense (see the sheet I gave you/on page 2)
– Prepare questions and answers from the game sheet (first column and first line)

se souvenir
se brosser les dents
se rappeler
prendre l’avion
à pied
tous les jours


je viens
tu viens
il/elle/on vient
nous venons
vous venez
ils/elles viennent

je tiens
tu tiens
il/elle/on tient
nous tenons
vous tenez
ils/elles tiennent

Refresher French – Summary #2

We started the second lesson by going over last week’s summary – a good opportunity to revise questions, negatives, basic verbs… We then corrected the homework and move on to practise some Q&A further by using the game sheet. Finally, we listened to a song and went through the words: “Ce Georges”, a song about a cloned version of Georges Clooney. You can listen to it again here: I have also included the lyrics, which I am emailing to you just now too. If you like the song, you can use it to memorise some vocab and grammar structures! Read More…

Thomas Fersen : Je n’ai que deux pieds



Paroles Read More…

Refresher French – Summary #1

For this first lesson, we started a few revisions: how to ask questions, negatives, basic verbs… Then you practised “interrogating” one another using the questionnaires I had given. We didn’t have time to have a look at the song I had selected, but you can watch the video clip here. Read More…


French classes – Refresher Tuesdays 6-7.30pm Read More…