Elementary Monday – Summary #1

For our first lesson, we started by introducing one another, which was a good opportunity to revise how to ask questions and check out a few odds and ends. We then talked about likes and dislikes (food) which allowed us to revise the conjugations of the regular verbs ending in -er.
Finally, I just asked some random questions…

1) Prepare 1 (interesting!) question for each of the other students (see everyone’s names above).
2) Check out the “Qu’est-ce qui représente la France pour vous?” – tick anything you know and no need to check things you don’t know: we will use it as a conversation starter next week!
3) Check the conjugations of the various verbs I am attaching.
4) Explain (in French!!) the vocabulary below

L’industrie pharmaceutique
le cinéma indépendant
la natation
le cyclisme
les abats