Wednesday 6pm: Summary #6

On Wednesday, we started by going over Week 5’s vocabulary in French, as usual. Then you told some anecdotes about what you got up to when you were at school – it was most amusing 🙂 We had a quick look at the plue-perfect in French. We will definitely see more of that next week, but in the meantime, please feel free to check this out. After, we started to have a look at French idioms… We will continue next week!

1) Explain the vocabulary in French
2) Finish the exercise about French idioms (choose the correct answer)

3) Find 2 English idioms (like “kill 2 birds with 1 stone”) then try and find their French equivalent. A good place to start is Wordreference. You must be able to explain what it means in French 🙂


grandir /// pousser /// faire pousser
content(e) /// excité(e)
la cour de récréation
faire un Ă©change scolaire
le rebord de la fenĂȘtre
un instituteur, une institutrice
le lendemain
berk /// miam
le baume Ă  lĂšvres
une alliance
une bague
pompette; bourré(e); torché(e)
une dispute

Expressions idiomatique – Quelle est la bonne rĂ©ponse?

6. Je n’ai pas de pot.

  • Je n’ai pas d’argent.
  • Je n’ai pas de chance.
  • Je n’ai pas de maison.
  • Je ne peux pas faire la cuisine.

7. Il fait un tabac.

  • Il fume beaucoup.
  • Il a du succĂšs.
  • Il est mĂ©chant.
  • Il pollue.

8. Il fume comme un pompier.

  • Il n’aime pas fumer.
  • Il est mĂ©chant.
  • Il fume la pipe.
  • Il fume beaucoup.

9. Il me pompe l’air.

  • Il fume trop.
  • Il m’aide Ă  respirer.
  • Il m’Ă©nerve.
  • Il a plus de succĂšs que moi.
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