Improve your French through Films!

This course develops challenging aspects of the French language. It provides a good mix of activities, both in terms of speaking and listening, aimed at developing your vocabulary and your understanding of rapidly spoken French.

This is based on the integration of video material (films) to help you get to grips with slang and less formal aspects of the language. We normally spend 3 sessions over one film.

The first session involves watching the film (with English subtitles), which is followed by a discussion about the general themes explored in the movie, as well as an exploration of the film’s background (directors, script-writers, actors). ATTENTION: the first session usually starts earlier (typically at 7.30pm) to allow time for discussion after watching the film!

Then two other sessions include the study of extracts, with carefully designed exercises (I try to tackle the actual problems faced by the students in the group, making this quite a personal experience), followed by a discussion of very specific points made by the film.

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  • The fees include documents used in class, as well as a selection of tea/coffee/herbal teas.
  • Minimum number of students: 4
  • Maximum number of students: 8

For more information and for a free assessment of your level to determine if this is the right group for you, contact Lise at or on (0131) 667 3999.