Intermediate 2 French: Conversation & Grammar

Wednesdays 6-7.30pm – £135 for 10 weeks (15 hours)

This group is suitable for people who have already a substantial knowledge of French, but wish to improve on their fluency.

This course will focus mainly on conversational skills, and you can expect the lessons to be conducted in French (though, on occasion, I might use English to quickly explain a finer grammar point!).

Various themes will be explored, thanks to different means: articles from the internet or from the French press will help gather vocabulary that will prove extremely useful for discussion, and, although grammar will not be formally explored, we will look at those aspects that you feel less confident about.

The course will help you feel more confident whilst discussing a number of topics that come up in conversation with friends, or with colleagues.

I may integrate short film extracts in order to improve your fluency and develop more understanding of more colloquial French – but will discuss this with the group beforehand.

Interested in joining Lise’s Intermediate French class? Why not contact Lise today to check if this is the right level for you? >>> Free 30 minutes assessment of your present level!

Gift vouchers are also available if you would like to offer  someone a special gift that will last them for 10 weeks! Contact Lise for more information 🙂 or buy your own here.




  • Classes start in January 2020 and will last for 10 weeks, until the end of March.
  • The fees include documents used in class, as well as a selection of tea/coffee/herbal teas.
  • Minimum number of students: 4
  • Maximum number of students: 8

For more information and for a free assessment of your level to determine if this is the right group for you, contact Lise at or on (0131) 667 3999.